9 Times Project Mermaids Made Me Want to Become a Mer-Lady

4:58 PM

 Our oceans and beaches are very important to the environment, and Project Mermaids is helping to raise awareness about the conditions of them. 

Project Mermaids was started in 2012 by photographers Angelina Venturella and Chiara Salomoni who share the same passion of saving the ocean. The goal of Project Mermaids is to bring awareness to how precious our oceans and beaches are to the environment. With each photo shoot, they capture celebrities in mermaid form posing like ethereal creatures. Their online store features tons of cool ocean related merchandise, including mermaid tails! Yes, you can fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a mermaid now. 50% of proceeds go to Save Our Beach foundation, so you can actually be a part of the effort. With that, I leave you with beautiful photographs of these lovely mermaids in their natural habitats. ;)

*All Photo's Credited to Project Mermaids & Their Amazing Photographers*

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