Motives Cosmetics Party- What's It All About?

8:34 PM

So, if you're into beauty at all you've heard of Motives Cosmetics

This brand is only available online or through a beauty representitive- so it gives you an exclusive feel through the personal connection. Motives was started in 2008 by Loren Ridinger and gives anyone the option to be a representitive of their company. Basically like a cool, new age Mary-Kay without the pyramid scheme. 

To start off, the makeup was beautifully displayed in the most gorgeous glam room! 

It was so hard not to fall in love with the product, did you know their lipstick is made by the same manufacturers as MAC Cosmetics!? They were so creamy! 

Christine did an amazing job explaining how the company worked- even telling us about SHOP.COM and all the ways you can earn cash back from buying everyday items and earn your team money. 

Then we played around with more makeup. ;)

The brushes were beautiful and soft. Very high quality at such great prices!

The girls were all so pretty and fun! They made the meeting easy to understand, fun to be at, and over all did a great job at putting this meeting together.

xoxo Taylor

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